Healthy tourism is one of the trends that allow the tourist season to be extended beyond the summer months. Warmia and Mazury, “the land of a thousand lakes”, has excellent conditions to take advantage of it. There is a good chance that, in addition to sailors, patients will also visit us. The conditions are favorable.

First of all, apart from unique environmental conditions, we have the potential of healing factors: a unique climate, peloid deposits and thermal brine waters. The unspoiled nature is our great asset regarding the development of health resorts.

Secondly, Warmia and Mazury is a valued tourist brand associated mainly with a clean environment and lakes. Tourist attractiveness is a factor supporting health tourism.

Thirdly, the demographic trends indicate an aging population and an increased demand for services in all areas of medicine.

Warmia and Mazury, one of the cleanest regions in Poland, is called “the green lungs of Poland”. One health resort in Gołdap has been operating since 2001, and four other localities: Lidzbark Warmiński, Miłomłyn, Frombork and the commune of Górowo Iławeckie have the Health Resort Protection Statute established by the Ministry of Health. The Warmian Baths in Lidzbark Warmiński are the first thermal center located in northern Poland. The thermal facility combines the high standard of hotel services with a rich SPA offer. The availability of EU funds has allowed local governments to invest in this area and to build the necessary infrastructure for the needs of future patients. Local governments are also making efforts to jointly develop health resorts in the region. Therefore, they have established the association “Health Resorts of Warmia and Mazury”.

Our region, with its natural healing resources, has a chance to become not only an attractive place for recreation but also a pro-health region. During the virtual study visit, we will present the potential of our region, the localities that will build the sanatoriums, and discuss various aspects of the development of health resorts in the region and in Poland.