Innovations in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans for low-carbon urban transport


This Declaration is launched by InnovaSUMP Interreg Europe project partnership, based on the results of interregional cooperation, exchange of experience and action plans implementation.

The InnovaSUMP Interreg Europe project (January 2017 – June 2021) has devised and introduced several innovations in the development process of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). The effectiveness of the above innovations in promoting sustainable mobility at the partner cities has been demonstrated by the project results.

On the basis of the InnovaSUMP project results, further achievements and related initiatives, the InnovaSUMP partnership hereby declares its determination to:

 Continue to redeploy the initiated innovations for sustainable urban mobility planning, as an important legacy of the InnovaSUMP project in the partner cities and SUMPs.

 Ensure capitalisation the results and outputs of the InnovaSUMP project as a contribution for important improvements in relevant policy instruments, also related to EU co-funding programmes in the period 2021-2027 (Interreg Europe, Other Interreg, Horizon Europe).

 Make the procedures in the frame of InnovaSUMP project a permanent feature for close and effective stakeholder engagement in the partner cities.

 Continue to participate in the Eltis platform, SUMP Conferences and SUMP related activities, following the successful participation during the InnovaSUMP project.

 Introduce further enhancements for low-carbon sustainable mobility in the partner cities.

 Maintain the InnovaSUMP partnership as a specialized Network of city and public transport authorities for sustainable urban mobility planning innovations.

 Contribute to decarbonisation initiatives in the transport sector, particularly in the framework of the Green Deal and Climate Action UN SDG 2030.

The InnovaSUMP Partnership, strongly calls upon city and transport authorities in Europe:

 To work together towards the development, upgrading and implementation of SUMPs with further innovations.

 To raise awareness regarding the above to national authorities, EU institutions, relevant European networks, competent pan-European and international organisations.

 To coordinate and advance sustainable urban mobility policies that facilitate the introduction and operation of smart, low-carbon mobility solutions.

 To organize urban mobility offers, so as to maximise social inclusion and to provide the majority of citizens and visitors with integrated transport options and smart services.

Furthermore, the InnovaSUMP Partnership, strongly calls upon European Union Institutions:

 To continue to formulate, promote, upgrade and support policies on sustainable urban mobility planning and related actions with adequate EU funding, including travel behaviour change, sustainable tourism mobility, sustainable energy, urban transport pricing and financing measures.

 To incorporate the above, in EU relevant initiatives, such as the European Mobility Week and the SUMP Awards.

 To promote the advantages of low-carbon, smart and sustainable mobility in social and economic development and cohesion, as well as in relation to the Green Deal and the Digital Agenda.

 To facilitate the co-funding of relevant initiatives, infrastructures, products and services with quality and smart options, on the basis of their sustainability, innovation, efficiency, cohesion and resilience benefits.

 To exploit synergies of the above with the UN SDGs for 2030, especially regarding climate action.

We encourage other local and regional authorities, transport operators, mobility organisations, universities and research institutes throughout Europe, to adopt this Declaration and to join us in future, related initiatives for smart and sustainable urban mobility planning, in the European Union and beyond.

InnovaSUMP Partnership