In the 2nd version of the SUMP Guidelines the InnovaSUMP partner cities of Prague and Vilnius feature as a good practice example, as follows:


Prague, Czech Republic: Scenario building with strong stakeholder and citizen participation 

In 2015, Prague designed three possible scenarios and organised a workshop for experts, as well as a sociological survey to select the most suitable scenario. 57 selected experts gathered in groups and discussed the scenarios in a half-day workshop. A sociological survey collected additional opinions from 2,224 citizens. Based on the combined opinion of stakeholders and citizens, Prague developed its final transport strategy. Designing an expert workshop and a sociological survey with essential, easy questions is an easy, cheap and illustrative solution for scenario selection. It also provides a powerful basis vis-à-vis to political approval, as based on broad and balanced experts’ opinions.  

Author: Václav Novotný, Prague Institute of Planning and Development, 

collected by EUROCITIES | Image: City of Prague 

This survey is also used in the InnovaSUMP Interreg Europe project, also as a good practice related to behavioural modelling for the SUMP: 

Vilnius, Lithuania: Comprehensive engagement achieving broad  ownership of the SUMP

The first step of Vilnius’ SUMP process was to prepare a roadmap for project management that identified strategies on how to work with relevant stakeholders and citizens. Four clear aims were defined: clarify expectations; inform about the process constantly; reach specific target groups, and organize awareness raising events. Vilnius collaborated with behavioural scientists and sociologists to identify the most effective ways of communicating with different target groups (politicians, stakeholders, citizens). A dedicated person coordinating the activities, sufficient budget, clear objectives and KPIs helped to run a successful campaign and raise discussion on the SUMP among local community, media and politicians. 

Author: Kristina Gaučė, collected by UBC 

Image Saulius Žiūra

Prague and Vilnius are partners in the InnovaSUMP project and their SUMPs are subject to further enhancements through the InnovaSUMP action plans, currently under implementation and monitoring.