Come and learn from seven leading European initiatives

Contribute to key recommendations and future strategies for Europe


Strength lies in numbers. Let’s make a powerful impact by joining the dots between all those striving for a better use of data to optimise person-centred health and research. The tangible goal we want to achieve thanks to each attendee’s input: finalise a list of forceful calls to action for European Health Ministries to be presented by a few of us to the nearby eHealth Network meeting during our second day. We will learn of their feedback at the end our conference.

In order to guide the discussion sessions, i-HD will be bringing together leading European projects that have tackled some major health data challenges. You will participate in three of the six sessions (see challenges below). These sessions will be led by European thought leaders who will exchange use cases, insights, success and challenges. DigitalHealthEurope will contribute multi-stakeholder expertise to help shape actionable policy recommendations. The final sessions on Thursday 28th will focus on how EHR systems can be adapted to guide clinicians and patients to manage multimorbidity, starting with lunch-time demonstrations of C3-Cloud project’s clinician and patient solutions.

So be prepared for a very hands-on and interactive think-tank conference!