With the use of technology in health now more important than ever, this Autumn School aims to share knowledge and information about the latest innovations in the area of digital health. High-level experts and speakers from the European Commission will present cutting-edge innovations and foster discussion, addressing how technology is transforming healthcare, including the way digital technologies such as 5G mobile communication, artificial intelligence or supercomputing offer new opportunities that could transform the way we receive and provide health services.


The coronavirus pandemic has shown us that digital technology is a key component of our collective effort to tackle the virus. Moreover, they are crucial in improving the overall health outcomes in Europe, reshaping the way patients are diagnosed, diseases are treated and drugs are discovered. Through our programme we seek to highlight how the digital solutions within the health sector could bring tremendous benefits to both citizens and businesses. This ‘back-to-school’ edition targets not only people seeking to advance their knowledge in digital health, but also those who are not familiar with the topic and aim to broaden their horizons by learning about a completely new field of interest.

All the sessions will be live-streamed and the recordings of the events will be available on the CONNECT University video space.

CONNECT University is delighted to announce that in order to recognise the investment made by participants in attending the events, diplomas will be given if more than 7 sessions are followed.


• Day I: 21.09.2020

Introductory session: A European perspective on the transformation of healthcare enabled by digital

• Day II: 22.09.2020

Session 1: Digital healthcare: one of the top priorities for the German health system

Session 2: Artificial Intelligence meets the health sector

• Day III: 23.09.2020

Session 3: High Performance Computing and health research

Session 4: Big Data and Digital Health

• Day IV: 24.09.2020

Session 5: Pandemic vs panic: fighting against disinformation

• Day V: 25.09.2020

Session 6: How Digital Health is transforming oncology care

Session 7: Digital tools and brain health

• Day VI: 28.09.2020

Session 8: Cybersecurity: a priority for healthcare delivery

• Day VII: 29.09.2020

Session 9: Blockchain: Opportunities for healthcare

• Day VIII: 01.10.2020

Session 10: 5G and Healthcare

• Day IX: 02.10.2020

Session 11: Health data and interoperability

Closing speech - Digital health: the way forward

The sessions are live-streamed and recorded and everyone can follow them.

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The CONNECT University is an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate General on Communication Networks, Content and Technologies (DG CONNECT) which aims to inform about the latest digital trends and challenges which are highly linked with EU's relevant policies and serve as a platform for sharing knowledge through thematic discussions, workshops and seminars.

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