It’s our pleasure to invite you to the next Study visit and Thematic workshop organized in INTENCIVE project on 26th November 2020. The event will be an online webinar where in the frame of the Study visit the participants have the possibility to get to know the good practices on e-health in Brittany. e-KerMed, Telemedicine for chronic wounds, REHAB-LAb and VIGILANS will be introduced by prominent speakers.

In the afternoon session the Thematic workshop on “e-Health in innovation eco-systems” offers space for attendees to get familiar with the European network Echalliance and to have insights into the ecosystem in Brittany and Finland.



Online study visit in Brittany

November 26, 2020 (10.00am – 12.30am)

10h00                    Welcoming words by Biotech Santé Bretagne

10h10 - 10h45     Presentation of GCS e-Santé and Région Bretagne: role of these institutions, why                                e-Health is a key innovation sector in Brittany? on their involvement into the                                INTENCIVE project as stakeholders :

                               By Renaud LEFEVRE, Director of GCS e-Santé

                               By Mathilde LE NAIN, Head of projects in health regional policy - Région                                Bretagne Anne-Laure BAUDRIER, Head of innovation – Région Bretagne

Presentation of good practices:

10h45 – 11h10     e-KerMed : the regional portal for telemedicine service offer in Brittany

                               By Dr Marie COSTES, Medical coordinator of telemedicine in Geriatrics– Rennes                                Hospital

11h10-11h35        The experience of Pôle St Hélier in Telemedicine for chronic wounds.

                                By Dr Sandrine ROBINEAU, PMR- Neurology- Telemedicine – Pôle St Hélier

11h35- 12h00        REHAB-LAB of Kerpape rehabilitation centre: 3D printing at the service of disabled                                 people for designing their own assistive devices.

                                By Willy ALLEGRE, Engineer- REHAB LAB

12h00-12h25         VIGILANS and Sys-vision application: a tailor made surveillance of individuals                                  discharged from hospital after a suicide attempt.

                                By Dr Sofian BERROUIGUET, Responsible for psychiatric emergencies- Brest                                 Hospital


Thematic workshop

“e-Health in innovation eco-systems”

November 26, 2020 (14h00- 15h30)

14h00- 14h30     Presentation of ECHALLIANCE network: “The benefits of transnational and                               interregional e-health networks and ecosystems in relation to innovation”

                              By Gregor CUZAK, International Ecosystem Coordinator- Echalliance


14h30-15h00     Presentation of Brittany eco-system in the field of innovation (benefits, future                              perspectives, how to develop it ?)

                             By Anne-Claude LEFEBVRE, Director of Biotech Santé Bretagne


15h00-15h30     Presentation of Finland eco-system in relation with innovation

                            By Sami PERALA, Developing Manager, Well Being Technology - Seinäjoki University                             of Applied Sciences


Conclusions of the day.


Registration is under the link below till 20th November 2020.