In the current health crisis, thousands of health professionals from different units are called in to supplement intensive care units. In order to quickly and efficiently train these professionals, SIMANGO start-up based in Rennes, has created immersive health training courses in virtual reality or in mobile-learning.

’Réa’gir was co-created by Simango & Vivalto Santé group. It is an innovating training solution using both virtual reality and training videos for accelerating experiential learning for externs & interns in medicine, caregivers, new comers, nurse students, in ongoing or initial training. This is the first mobile video and immersive with a 360° view training in virtual reality of an intensive unit (with simulations).


Equiped with virtual reality casks, participants can visualise the intensive unit with a 360° view and can discover the various specific locations (patients room, treatment room, pharmacy, resuscitation trolley) and material of the intensive unit.

During the entire training, participants are guided by intensive professionals.

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