On 24th February 2022, all partners had a chance to participate in an online study visit organised by the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, Finland, to know more about one of the Good Practices submitted by our Finnish partners from the Seinäjoki University of Applied Science (SeAMK).

Over 30 people, including professionals from project partners and invited guests from partner regions, have joined the session. Merja Hoffrén-Mikkola and Sami Perälä from SeAMK have presented an in-depth look at the good practice of Showrooms for wellbeing technology. This unique concept gives a chance to health and social care professionals, citizens, and companies in the South Ostrobothnia (SO) region to experience the eHealth solutions of the future, test innovative ideas and try specialistic equipment before making a decision of wider implementation. In SeAMK, the showroom is also used for educational purposes and allows students to practice in an environment that is close to the real-life situation. Another important feature of this lab is showing future healthcare professionals about the use of devices, such as intelligent bed monitoring systems, robotic companions, or Artificial Intelligence in decision-making processes, which prepares young healthcare professionals for future technologies in healthcare.

As Sami and Merja highlighted, local health and social-care companies organise training sessions in the Showroom to help their employees keep up with the ever-changing work environment.

International participants showed great interest in the Good Practice of Showroom for wellbeing technology, manifesting their willingness to adopt and implement this concept in partner regions. The hosting partners were happy to share their experience, answer all questions and advise on how to do it even better, to avoid obstacles met by the original project.