The Cork Environmental Forum is hosting the 20th Environmental Awards Ceremony on Thursday, 10th December 2020 at 7pm - 9pm (GMT).

The Cork Environmental Forum (CEF) promotes sustainable development at a local level in the Cork region. Their vision is for “a sustainable world which prioritises environmental quality, protects and restores habitats and biodiversity, where consumption and economics take cognisance of the limitations of our one planet and where there is a fairer and more equitable share of the earth’s resources”. CEF was established in 1995 after being inspired by the Rio Earth Conference in 1992.

Frank Dorr and Eileen Lynch are the winners of CEF’s 2020 Community and Voluntary Award for leading the development of the Social and Health Education Project and Elders for Earth and spread the understanding of climate change at community level.

The Inch Hideaway Eco Sustainable Campsite is a model of sustainable eco-tourism and has won the CEF Environmental Business and Commercial Award 2020.

Donal O’Leary receives a commendation under CEF’s Individual category for his work in raising awareness of food waste & building knowledge and engaging people and communities to compost.

Another winner under the Individual category, Ted Cook, exemplifies a lifetime of sharing his vast knowledge of trees and heritage and engaging so many people in being active in planting trees and becoming more informed about the environment.

Carbery Housing Association receives a commendation in the Community and Voluntary category. Jose and Ana Ospina have worked for many years to fight homelessness by providing social housing that is energy efficient & environmentally friendly.

The CEF Annual Environmental Awards Ceremony also celebrates CEF’s milestone 25th year and reflects on the “passionate activism, care for the environment and a deep commitment to sustainability” at the awards. CEF 20th Environmental Awards will be joined by the Lord Mayor, Mayor of the County, and some special guests.


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