Project News

ENERGAP Study Visit on Collaboration with Janitors


The Energy Agency of Podravje (ENERGAP) held a virtual Study Visit on the energy...

Type: Project

Vitoria-Gasteiz City Industrial Areas Mobility Plan


Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council is developing an inclusive, sustainable mobility...

Type: Project

Energap’s Study Visit on Sustainability Workshops


Energap held a remote Study Visit on their Good Practice 'Education and...

Type: Project

Mobilising Citizens for Active Low Carbon Mobility


A workshop on 'Mobilising people for active inclusive low carbon mobility' was...

Type: Project

Energy Efficiency Workshops Engage with Students


Energap held energy efficiency workshops with students which resulted in unique...

Type: Project

For Good Platform Engages Students in Sustainability


The For Good Platform partners highly motivated students with organisations to...

Type: Project

ACT4ECO Reduces Energy Use in Your Home


A newly developed eLearning Platform called ACT4ECO aims to engage and empower...

Type: Project

Cork City in European Mobility Week 2019


"Race Against Rob" event was held in Cork City and challenged participants to...

Type: Project

Citizen’s Energy Engagement Project


Community engagement is at the heart of the UP-STAIRS project to accelerate the...

Type: Project

96FM Highlights INTENSIFY Action Plan


Local radio station 96FM in Cork covers recent INTENSIFY press release from Cork...

Type: Project

Kindergartens Engaged in Sustainable Mobility


Municipality Selnica ob Dravi in Slovenia provides a hiking handbook for...

Type: Project

Community Engagement the Heart of Climate Projects


The Engineers Ireland highlights the importance of community engagement at the...

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