The Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) is an educational charity developed by the National Union of Students in the UK to empower students and young people seeking to respond to the climate emergency and lead communities to a more sustainable future.

One of their initiatives is the For Good partnerships platform which partners “highly motivated students with forward thinking organisations to collaborate on research, dissertations, placements and practical projects to progress environmental, social and economic sustainability”. For Good partnerships support students in incorporating advocacy work into their education and making a positive difference in the organisations they are partnered with across the UK and abroad. Opportunities include dissertation or thesis research, bespoke projects and work placements.

Participants of the programme highly commends the platform with one student stating, “it was truly wonderful to be able to support the Fairtrade Foundation and engage with my interests in the field, and my passion for this will hopefully shine through to employers into the future!”

The For Good platform gives students the opportunity to be involved in meaningful, exciting and important work for sustainability and social responsibility.


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