Energap held a remote Study Visit on Education and Information Campaign for Schools and Kindergartens to exchange experiences and share valuable lessons learnt from running their educational programmes.

Energap has fifteen years of experience providing services and information on sustainable energy use as well as the regional centre of knowledge and ideas in Maribor, Slovenia. Their activities expanded to facilitating workshops for schools and kindergartens and developed an impressive wide range of educational materials such as booklets, best practice guidance, games, animations, puppet shows, solar-powered models of cars and windmills, and an electricity producing bicycle model.

Energap considers education of young people as one of the most important instruments to achieve sustainable energy use. The main objectives of the educational programmes are to encourage interest in environmental issues through practical examples and to spread awareness of the importance of saving energy. An engaged and empowered young citizen will be more likely to incorporate energy saving skills into their day-to-day activities as well as contribute to the welfare of their community. Energap’s target audience is an inclusive group of preschool children, students, teachers, headmasters, and kitchen and cleaning staff.

Some of their educational workshops presented during the Study Visit include holding an ‘Energy Day’ for the whole school, or alternatively for smaller groups. It features planned activities curated for different age groups. An example of a specific workshop is the use of models for solar cars where students construct their own models of solar cars and participate in speed competition using different models of solar devices. This is an effective, practical method for students to learn how different solar devices work and how solar energy is transformed into electricity.

To engage with preschool children in kindergartens on energy savings, Energap strategically employs the use of fairy tale stories and holding puppet shows. The aim is to inspire and motivate small children to start thinking about environmental issues through the creative use of storytelling and arts.

Energap delivers educational workshops on sustainable energy use for school children and kindergarteners highlighting the importance of the environment and the community they live in.

Watch the Study Visit video to explore more of their work.

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