Local e-bike ambassadors throughout Cork highlight the many benefits of using electric bicycles in their daily lives and encourage the community to make the switch to the active, low-carbon mobility.

Mats Hedberg initially bought an electric bicycle as a faster mode of transport to work and tackle the hills around Cork. He is delighted to share his experience with the added benefits from his e-bike, “there’s no petrol. Charging the battery is just a few cents. You don’t need a driver’s license. It helps to be able to park basically anywhere. That saves time in work and in town”. He also uses it for leisure activities too – and sees more of the city than ever before, “at weekends, I visit friends. I’ve been out to Ovens and Passage West, Monkstown and Ballincollig from the city. The greenway is a very nice cycle. I usually do that once or twice a week.”

Orla Burke is a mother of two little girls living in Cork city centre and an electric cargo bicycle provides ample of opportunities for her and the children to go anywhere in the city. For Orla, the freedom of being able to travel around and see the entire city is the highlight of her e-bike experience, “my world had narrowed to a pin point on a map. The electric cargo bicycle gave back a panoramic view of the city”. The children are also benefitting from the use of the e-bike as it is a fantastic way to get more in touch with nature while living in the city. Orla recounts such event, “my little girl will look around and she’ll go, ‘Mammy, look there’s brambles! Mammy, we can get blackberries from them.’ It’s really interesting from a child’s perspective to see how engaged they are in their environment on an electric cargo bike.”

Siún Kearney is retired but active citizen from Cork who loves cycling with her grandchildren. Siún prefers e-bikes in place of her old bike as it provides the sense of sturdiness, “at our age, when you try an electric bicycle, you find it opens up many unexpected opportunities. You can exercise, socialise and explore the countryside in a healthy enjoyable way”. She shares the highlight of her experience, “my greatest joy is the inter-generational cycling trips. Trying to keep up with the grandkids – and enjoying the look of amazement on their faces as they see their ageing grandparents pedaling up the hills with ease!”

The e-bike ambassadors support the we-bike campaign – Ireland’s first e-bike campaign to encourage the use of active, low-carbon mobility throughout the local communities.


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