The Lead Partner of INTENSIFY, Local Energy Management Agency of Almada, AGENEAL, has presented the project during the 4th International Urban Cooperation (IUC) programme City-to-City Event on the 3rd December 2020.

The European Union IUC programme promotes city-to-city cooperation to foster sustainable development on a global scale. The IUC programme demonstrates the valuable role of international cooperation in strengthening urban resilience, as cities have been able to face unprecedented challenges with help from a network of engaged peers.

During the event, João Cleto highlighted the importance of community involvement in climate projects and presented INTENSIFY, which aims for more carbon reduction through intense community engagement. As part of the project, each partner must produce an action plan to improve regional policies by developing social platforms and other community-engaging mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions in all sectors.

João Cleto also presented Almada’s action plan with the creation of the Local Stakeholders Climate Platform, a participation forum which stakeholders discuss, share, and disseminate information and knowledge to support local action to contribute to decarbonization. The platform currently has more than 70 members from a variety of sectors such as commerce, small and large industries, universities, public institutions, local authorities and civil societies.

The IUC initiative encourages the international community to share their experiences in the major challenges of urbanisation, learn from each other, discover which solutions work across contexts, and ultimately achieve sustainable urban development.


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