The Student Switch Off campaign is an energy saving campaign for the universities around the UK and beyond that encourages all residence to compete against each other to save energy. The sustainability competition rewards students who achieve the biggest savings in energy, water and/or have the best recycling performance.  

The campaign provides effective and easy ways for students to incorporate sustainability into their lives and to encourage their communities to do the same. The campaign also empowers students by delivering sustainability engagement within accommodation, giving opportunities for students to take part in regular social media competitions, on-site activities, and training to become campaign ambassadors.

The not-for-profit international campaign encourages student to take affirmative actions on climate change running energy-saving, water-saving and recycling competitions within halls of residence at universities in the UK, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania and Romania.

Student Switch Off is part of NUS’ Sustainability Charity, Students Organising for Sustainability UK (SOS-UK). The multi award-winning student sustainability campaign gained the support of the European Commission to expand to seven other European countries through the SAVES and SAVES 2 projects.

Over the years, across participating universities in the UK, the campaign has increased carbon literacy among students:

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