The intensify project has reached its first milestone, at the end of year one. There have been four thematic events each focusing on particular aspect of community engagement - Targetting communities, Motivating Communities, Incentivising communities through the use of financial instruments and using digital social platforms to communicate the message.

In the second year of the project there will be a focus on study visits. This will enable project partners to learn form each other and see first hand how the different partners approach engagement with their communities. Each partner has already submitted a list of best practices identified in their region. These have been examined by the other partners and gaps in knowledge and understanding have been identified. Project partners have identified the partner regions they most need to visit in order to complete their understanding of community engagement. 

Each partner may visit up to three other partners and must host two study visits during the comking year. The study visits will commence in September 2019.

The outcomes from the study visits will assist each partner in developing improvement to their regional policy instrument.