The Intensify project is now half way through semester three. In this and the next semester the project partners will visit at least three other partners regions to learn more about how the partner regions are engaging with their communities and what are the best methods to replicate in their own regions.

Certain partners have already demonstrated a capacity to excel in certain aspects of community engagement, to engage with particular communities,  to incentivise communities and focus on particular greenhouse gas reducing technologies.  For example Ageneal and Energieavantgarde have particular knowledge of financial instruments and incentives,  Cork engages its community to perform deep energy retrofitting measures on the social housing stock, Vitoria-Gasteiz excels at  low carbon city planning, Milton Keynes successfully promotes electric vehicle use, Treviso engages with the college student population, Trnava has expertise in using video games to educate young people and Zadar City Council is promoting the use of bicycles in the city.

The sharing of this in-depth knowledge and expertise will enhance each partner regions knowledge on how to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through community engagement. This in turn will enable each partner to develop innovative measures that can be introduced in their own region. 

The first two study visits will take place in Milton Keynes and Cork in early September.