Partners and stakeholders from the Cork City Council (Ireland), Energieavantgarde e.V (Germany), and the Provincia Treviso (Italy) meet today in Milton Keynes (UK) to commence the first study visits to enhance their knowledge of Community engagement and changing behaviour. The attendees will be keen to understand what engagement techniques and incentives Milton Keynes is using that has resulted in the city having twice the average number of electric vehicles per head of population of any city in the United Kingdom. Key to that success is the City Councils evolving sustainability and mobility strategy.

Pictured from Left to Right at one of Milton Keynes electric vehicle charging stations are:

Sabina Bolzonello (Provincia Treviso, Italy)

Cormac O'Sullivan (Cork City Council, Ireland)

Christine Ballard (Milton Keynes Council, United Kingdom)

Brian Matthews (Milton Keynes Council, United Kingdom)

John Walsh (Cork City Council, Ireland)

Pasquale Pizzichetti (Provincia Treviso, Ireland)

Jeremy Draper (Milton Keynes Council, United Kingdom)

Rolf Hennig (Energieavantgarde e.V,, Germany)