Inter Ventures' first phase was delivered, and now project partners are concentrating on a second one which will end on the 31st of January 2023. This is the deadline for the Joint Progress Report as well. The partners will not have to submit reports to the controllers, but to the LP based on which the report is drafted on the Action Plan implementation, and in case the results are acceptable, the lump sum will be transferred by the Programme

During the online meeting which was held on May 23d project partners agreed on the regular updates of the project website and news on the partner level websites. The next monitoring round is planned for September when partners will be requested to complete the Action Plan Workplan and a similar meeting to this one will be held. Also, the final conference is going to be in November and will be hosted by the Lead Partner.

Finally, each project partner gave an update on how the implementation of the action plan is going. Project partners still have a lot of work to do and face challenges and difficulties in their action plan implementation.