The Cordoba Action Plan aims to impact the Municipal Ordinance on Urban Hygiene (Omhu). Originally it was not planned other policy instruments different from the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) Andalucía to be involved in the project execution. However, the involvement of this instrument has happened in a natural way, as the project partner, SADECO, is of municipal scope and there has been logic the local instrument being ruled by SADECO to be influenced by the learning gained in the cooperation.

The Action Plan consists of two main actions, whose inspiration comes from the cooperation and whose development is framed within the context of the “Cordoba Municipal Ordinance on Urban Hygiene in force”.

The first of them is related to the design and introduction of compactor containers in the city of Cordoba. This is oriented to the local production of a prototype for compactor containers (inspired by those visited in Ghent and Amsterdam), the later production of real scale ones and the implantation of 8 units of the double type by 2020.

The second action consists in the creation and promotion of a comprehensive municipal network for repair and reuse in the medium term in Cordoba, settling as a short-term objective the conditioning of the different existing Ecoparks in Cordoba for them serving also as spaces for repair and recirculation of reusable objects.

The “Municipal Ordinance on Urban Hygiene” (Omhu) was approved by plenary agreement 43/16, the 15th March 2016. Section III concerns the management of municipal waste and there are several chapters specifically framing the intended actions. They are:
- “Chapter II: Waste rooms”;
- “Chapter III: Deposit of municipal waste; containers for the different cases”;
- “Chapter IV: Selective collection”; and
- “Chapter V: Treatment of municipal waste”.