The municipality of Ibiza is targeting three actions as part of its action plan in order to apply the good practices exchanged in the seminars held in the cities taking part in the INTHERWASTE programme.

The first main action consists in the visual integration of a conflictive area with underground containers because of the impact caused by its proximity to an area of restaurants and terraces in the square, in the historic city centre.

In order to organise the second action — Space for solid urban waste, Ibiza has eliminated a group of containers in the Dalt Vila district, reducing the visual impact, smell and the space occupied, adapting a collection area as the point for storing containers.

The third action consists in the update of the waste by-laws within the legal scope of Ibiza City Council to order the behaviour and cleaning activity, collection and handling of municipal waste in accordance with current legislation.

At the date of the action plan’s approval, the Council of Ibiza has applied the Municipal By-law for the Management of Municipal Waste passed in 2004 and further modified in 2005. Changes have occurred since it was passed that must be added, making it necessary to modify municipal regulations.

This modification of the municipal by-law will take the following lines of action into account:

• Specific directives for the heritage zone due to its singular nature
• Adoption of European law and national and Balearic laws on waste
• Payment for waste generation based on the idea that whoever contaminates has to pay
• Solutions for major producers in the municipal area
• Review of timetables for leaving waste in containers.