The Final Conference, held on 4 February 2021, saw not only the project's pilot cities presenting their achievements and the results of the journey they embarked on 4 years ago but also a substential number of examples of good practices from elsewhere. Such a combination perfectly summed up what heritage cities can do in order to align their waste management practices with various circumstances imposed by heritage areas and being labelled as such.

During the entire duration of the project, the five cities - Cordoba, Tallinn, Ibiza, Krakow and Porto showed astonishing motivation, inspiration and composure while adapting their existing waste management practices and adopting new ones. The Final Conference was a perfect opportunity to revisit their journey and focus on the key achievements.

In case you missed the Final Conference, we bring you the videos prepared by the five cities. Please visit our YouTube channel in order to discover Cordoba's well known waste rooms, now improved with compactors as well as their shift towards reuse through dedicated centres. The channel also features Porto's waste rooms, inspired by the city of Cordoba. Reuse and repair principles raised most of interest among the project's five cities, especially driven forward by the study visit to Nice, France. The YouTube channel also features Tallin and Krakow and their intentions for implementing reuse practices as a part of their local policies. And last, but the least, watch Ibiza's efforts for integrating their waste management practices into the various setting imposed by the fact that the city is a UNESCO heritage city.