Are you in Tallinn on 2nd and 3rd September during the Uus Maailm District Street Festival?

Our INTHERWASTE partner, the Municipality of Tallinn will also be there to present the project to the public.

This festival is very popular event in Tallinn, with thousands of citizens attending. It will feature live performances, music, sports, and even a large recycling fair. The Uus Maailm District Street Festival will be held in cooperation with the Tallinn Environmental Board in the framework of an environment-friendly movement month. The INTHERWASTE team will have a tent where they will share their knowledge about waste management in Tallinn. They will focus, in particular on the specificities of waste management in a Heritage City and the work that they are doing with the other INTHERWASTE partners to improve it.

To meet the citizens and explain waste management in a more interactive way, they will feature their educational campaign Prügihunt (Waste Wolf). This campaign started over 15 years ago and has already taught thousands of children to value environmental protection methods. It helps shape children’s behavioural patterns, teaching to consumer responsibly, sort their waste and care for the surrounding environment. These are all key elements to improve the sustainable waste management in Tallinn and raise the awareness of its population.

To find out more about the Waste Wolf campaign, you can visit its website: (in Estonian).

This event is part of the communication activities that each INTHERWASTE partner city has to organise in order to inform the local actors about the project and its activities.

For more information about INTHERWASTE in Tallinn: