In May 2017, the Municipality of Ibiza (Spain) joined the INTHERWASTE partnership, acting as replacement for the Municipality of Syracuse. The new partner has since caught up with the activities of the project and participated in June in the 2nd INTHERWASTE thematic seminar in Krakow.

The Municipality of Ibiza will now organise the 3rd INTHERWASTE Thematic Seminar on 15-16 November 2017. It will focus on “Integration into Urban Décor of Waste Deposit and Collection Solutions” and several best practices on this topic will be presented by partners and guests.

The City of Ibiza is a small town located in the east of the Island of Ibiza.  The City covers 11 km² and has around 50,000 inhabitants. On 4 December 1999, Ibiza became part of the World Heritage List, due to the importance of its heritage area as well as the relevance of the natural assets of the island, particularly the underwater prairies of Posidonia Oceanica.

The heritage area, known as Dalt Vila, is a wonderful exhibit of different periods in History. You can find vestiges of all the cultures that have passed through the island, from the first settlers of the bay of the city of Ibiza, to Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman and Muslim, to the Catalan conquest to the hands of the Crown of Aragon, in the thirteenth century. Its architecture, of great beauty and simplicity, has flowed remarkably in the colonial constructions of the New World. In addition to Dalt Vila, the prairies of Posidonia - Mediterranean plant endemic phanerogamic of the Mediterranean - are also a World Heritage Site.

The Municipality of Ibiza is responsible of the good performance of the city, and is the administration that is closest to the citizens. It takes care of the good maintenance of the city particularly of the heritage area, and is also in charge of the city’s waste management. These various characteristics will represent a very interesting added value for the INTHERWASTE project.

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