The next INTHERWASTE Thematic Seminar will focus on “Integration of Waste Management Solutions into the Urban Décor of Heritage Areas”. It will take place on 15-16 November in Ibiza, Spain. Get in touch with us at [email protected] if you would like to receive more information and participate in this event.

Another important activity for the next semester will be the finalisation of the critical comparative analysis of waste management in European heritage cities by the lead partner Sadeco. The publication of this study was postponed so that the new partner, the Municipality of Ibiza, would have enough time to gather their data and contribute to the report after the termination of Syracuse from the project. It will now be completed with the input all of the partners.

Amongst the other activities that will be undertaken by the partners are:

  • Bilateral meetings for transfer of experience: Partner cities will select, amongst the practices presented during the seminars, the most suitable ones for their own environment.  They will then hold a bilateral meeting with the city that developed the practice in order to discuss more concretely its implementation on their territory. Feasibility studies will subsequently be conducted;
  • Local stakeholders meetings: Organised in each partner city to exchange experience and share opinions about the improvement of waste management. It is also a good opportunity for local stakeholders to contribute and identify best practices, therefore co-constructing with the partners the future waste management strategy. Summaries of previous meetings can already be found in the INTHERWASTE library;
  • Targeted communication events: Destined to present the project and its benefits to various audiences, such as policy makers, cultural networks, civil society.