The next upcoming events of the project are:

  • 1st Thematic Seminar on « Waste Deposit in Heritage Cities » : 8-9 March 2017 in Porto
  • 2nd Thematic Seminar on « Selective Collection in Heritage Cities » : June 2017 in Krakow

For the first thematic seminar, all partners will collect best practices on the selected topic and will present them during the event. The seminar will involve international experts, policy makers, and various stakeholders. This event will be open to the public and we invite you to check the INTHERWASTE website for further updates.

Other activities will also be carried out in the next months. In particular, SADECO will finalise the comparative critical analysis of waste management in Heritage Cities.

Each partner city will also organise their second and third stakeholders' group meetings which gather interested actors from different types of organisations: politicians and public officials, cultural heritage networks, business associations, civil society associations and waste companies. The Stakeholders participate in the exchange of experience and share their opinions on the solutions proposed. You can already read the summary of the first stakeholders' group meetings in the website library.

In terms of dissemination, partners will organise Organisational Learning Workshops and targeted communication events in order to present the project, its objectives and its benefits, respectively to their staff and to specific audiences interested in the project. Finally, a video of the project will be produced and shared widely.