On September 26th 2017 a two-day study visit will begin in Faro, hosted by INTRA project's partner - University of Algarve.

 Within these two days a total of 9 cases of good practices will be presented.

 The event will begin with a press conference, followed by the General overview of the Algarve regional policy for internationalisation of SMEs, followed by 6 cases to be presented day 1.

First three cases will present the instruments that are available: GP#1 Regional incentives for internationalisation, GP#2 Internationalisation voucher, and GP#3 National incentives for internationalisation).

Next three cases will present the internationalisation environment: GP#4 Boot camp, GP#5 Trade missions, and GP#6 Tourist promotion (as part of internationalisation policy of Algarve region).

On day 2, final three cases will be presented in-situ, providing the SME perspective on the internationalisation, with the SME cases in the fields of ICT, Agri-food, and Design.

To conclude the study visits a PCT meeting will be held at the end of day 2.