Project partners of INTRA project will gather in Coventry, where Coventry University Enterprises Ltd will showcase SME Internationalisation Good Practices in their region. The study Visit will include a presentation from David Hope, Programme Development Manager at Coventry City Council who will make a general overview of the regional economic policy framework and the support given to companies under the different priorities of the European Structural Investment Fund Strategy. Thanks to Strafford on Avon District Council, the UK Department of International Trade (DIT) and the regional Chambers of Commerce, partners will learn about the different good practices currently in existence in the region to support SMEs internationalisation. An International Thematic Workshop will be held on the Wednesday 13th December, including a panel of Internationalisation experts to discuss “The importance of the Foreign Office and Regional Activities (in the Midlands) in internationalisation support activity”.To conclude the study visit, the InterregionalTask Force Meeting will be held. During the meeting Validation of Good Practices will be done based on the set of criteria led by our experts. Selection of initiatives will also be considered for the Good Practice Handbook and platform, as well as for the second round of study visits. Finally project partners of the INTRA project will gather at the Project Coordination Team Meeting, where partners will discuss the advancement of the projects milestones and set out the next steps for the project tasks.