On 12th - 14th June 2017, CAPITANK is going to organise an international meeting of INTRA Project. The event will be hosted by Sinergie Education, member of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Innovation Pole.

The latter will consists of different activities:

Study visits and site visits: during the event all project partners will learn about different good practices (GPs) about internationalisation of SMEs. GPs deal with different aspects of the internationalisation process. They will come from different entities such as businesses, universities, innovation poles and regional representatives.

Interregional thematic workshop: the core of the project INTRA represents the internationalisation policies in participating regions. In order to gain the common understanding on the policies tackled by the project and enhance the knowledge transfer between the partners and the external experts, an Interregional Thematic Workshop will be organised.

During the Interregional Thematic Workshop, SMEs needs and barriers for internationalisation will be discussed.

External experts will be invited to share their experiences on global markets including those of:

  1. industrial poles;
  2. roles of networks;
  3. clusters in internationalisation processes.

Interregional Task Force (ITF): after the conclusion of the study visit, the Interregional Task Force Meeting will be held. The purpose of the meeting is to highlight all lessons learned and exchange different points of view.

Steering Committee meetings: project partners of INTRA project will gather at the Steering Committee Meeting, where current issues and topics will be discussed and clarified. Project partners will present and discuss strategic issues, achievements of the planned results, objectives, outputs and results.