Today the lead partner of the INTRA project held an interorganizational learning event, to transfer the knowledge collected during the site visit in Varna (taking place between September 12th and September 16th) among the colleagues, who are not a part of the INTRA project team.

Three members of the INTRA project team thus presented the project itself, the goals of the projects, the methodology used and the lessons learned from the good practices presented by the Bulgarian partners, to their sixteen colleges, coming from the Regional Development department, European Enterprise Network, Public assistance and Technical staff.

As Maribor Development Agency is one of the best recognised support organizations for supporting SMEs within the region, and as it is directly involved in preparation of regional operational programmes, the MDA staff members present an important pool of experts which can both help to disseminate the results of project INTRA as well as contribute to the implementation of the project's outputs.

"With their rich experience in the field of international collaboration, foreign direct investments, SME support, organization of business fairs and B2B meetings, our colleagues were able to provide valuable inputs and share previous experience about the internationalization practices implemented thus far," said Borut Jurišić, the MDA Intra communication officer.

To which Sabina Šneider, the financial officer, added that: "It is important for our colleagues, who are handling the financial flow to understand the importance of the funds they are dealing with."

In conclusion, Amna Potočnik, the lead partner's project manager said: "It is essential to find synergies between various projects implemented under the cohesion policy, not only to share different points of view but also to verify, validate and deepen the knowledge and expertise needed for internationalization."