INVALIS: united against Invasive Alien Species
Biological invasions are one of the biggest threats to the biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Invasive Alien Species (IAS) can act as vectors for new diseases, cause native species’ extinction, change ecosystem processes and reduce the value of land and water for human activities.
How much do we know about policies and measures used to detect and manage biological invasions?
How vulnerable are natural ecosystems to this threat and what can we do about it?
How can we detect Invasive Alien Species and what can we do to eliminate them and act to save our natural ecosystems?
What do we need exactly in order to successfully respond to this challenge?
We need to act and we need to make the fight against Invasive Alien Species a top priority.
We need to control the Invasive Alien Species spread in the European regions.
We need to act to prevent the introduction of Invasive Alien Species and to protect our natural ecosystems.

INVALIS is an opportunity to inform about the Invasive Alien Species and coordinate our efforts against them in European territories, overcoming eventual conflicts of interest or administrative obstacles. IAS cannot be restricted in one place or territory and the only way to protect our natural ecosystems is to act together.  For all these reasons, our consortium is particularly proud of creating this project and being part of INVALIS. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, by finding common solutions and acting in cooperation, we can all benefit from this project and protect our biodiversity, a source of life in Europe.

INVALIS results and outputs will be published in the section of the website. You are invited to read our Newsletter, which is published twice a year, and have a look to media appearances on INVALIS.

Thank you for your interest in INVALIS!