On the 2nd of June 2021, NECCA organized the 6th Regional Stakeholders' Meeting in Greece. The meeting was held as an on-line event, lasted about 3 hours and was attended by 50 stakeholders, representing public authorities, management bodies of protected areas, universities/research centres, environmental NGOs and hunters' and fishers' associations. Since this meeting was the last of Phase 1 of the INVALIS project, it was focused on the results of Phase 1 and the future of IAS management in Greece. The completed activities of exchange of experience were presented, as well as the Draft Action Plan for Greece, highlighting the role, which the stakeholders will have in its implementation and monitoring. There was also a presentation of the project recently launched by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, which is expected to have a significant impact in IAS management in Greece, dealing with central issues such as drafting a national IAS list. Furthermore, the ways in which IAS are addressed in the Operational Programme of European Maritime and Fisheries Fund were presented, with a special focus on one research project, whose subject is the utilization of the invasive fish Lagocephalus sceleratus for fishmeal production. The presentations were followed by an active dialogue on the particularities of IAS management and the contribution of the INVALIS project to it, especially in the area of networking. The meeting concluded by stressing the need of a better coordination among IAS stakeholders, which can be supported by the INVALIS Action Plan.