On Wednesday 22/02/2023, the meeting of interested parties of the INVALIS project in Greece took place online. The subject of the meeting was "Actions regarding IAS implemented locally by N.E.C.C.A.’s Management Units of Protected Areas”.

The participants of the meeting exceeded seventy in total and among them were representatives of national and regional authorities, the academic and research community, non-governmental organizations, and other bodies involved. The aim of the meeting was to bring together the stakeholders of the project and to present study, recording, management and awareness projects for invasive alien species, which are implemented locally by N.E.C.C.A.’s Management Units of Protected Areas .

Among the actions reported were:

• The registration of foreign species

• Risk assessment for specific IAS

• Actions of manual eradication of plant species

• Environmental education activities

The experts pointed out, among others, the importance of monitoring the areas in which management actions have been carried out, the existence of predators in the areas where a problem with IAS has been identified, the systematic limitation of illegal fishing, the realization of actions at a transnational level (where possible), the creation of an inventory of endangered species, as well as information and environmental education actions especially for the younger generations.