IRENES national kick-off will be organised on 14th of November, 2019, as part of the annual conference ‘Investigation and Usage of Renewable Energy Sources’ hosted by Estonian University of Life Sciences. 

The conference brings together Estonian policymakers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and interested public in the field of renewable energy. 

The conference itself this year is dedicated on renewable energy’s role in adapting to climate change. Hosting IRENES kick-off as a part of this event enables us to bring more spotlight to the importance of ecosystem services in the planning and implementing of renewable energy related activities in the case of changing conditions of climate change.

Mr Indrek Laas from Estonian Environmental Agency will give an overview of IRENES project, its objectives and planned outputs in the plenary session. This will be joined with an overview of Estonian national climate and energy plan by Estonian Ministry of Communications and Economic Affairs, and by an overview of strategic report on Reaching climate neutrality in Estonia by Stockholm Environmental Institute.

Joining the discussion about ecosystem services with political and strategic objectives and ambitions of Estonia will give necessary spotlight to the shortcomings IRENES strives to solve. The day full of thematic presentations will be summarised with a panel discussion of our leading political parties on how climate neutrality can be the driving force in Estonian economy and society.

The event is public, in Estonian and free of charge, however pre-registration on the conference homepage is necessary.