Climate Protection Agency Hannover Region and Leibniz Universität Hannover  Institut für Umweltplanung - IRENES German partners - are playing their role playing simulation “Vision:En 2040” with their IRENES stakeholders on 27. September 2021 from 10.00-12.00.

It takes place in person at the Kulturzentrum Pavillon in Hannover. 

In January 2020, they invited their stakeholders to the launch of the IRENES project. At this event, they played their analogue simulation game '100 % renewable energies in the model municipality' as an introduction to the topic.

In the meantime, they have made good progress with digitalisation and are very pleased that the first version of their decision support system 'Vision:En 2040 - Our ideas, our energy transition' has been programmed. 

The system displays the results of nationwide area analyses for a community area. Energy plants are distributed over these areas: two wind energy plants, an open-space PV plant and roof PV can be selected. Potential energy yields are determined for the plants and linked back to the development goal to be achieved by the municipality.

The tool is intended to objectify the discussions about municipal energy concepts and to demonstrate the responsibility of the municipality, but also of the individual citizens, for achieving the nationwide energy transition goals.

Before they use the system for the first time in a municipality, they invited experts to a test followed by a discussion about the technical concept.