IRENES represented during the annual national renewable conference in Estonia

On November 12th 2021 more than 150 people met to discuss the latest developments in renewable energy research and development. The annual national conference Renewable energy research and usage took place already 23rd time in the Estonian University of Life Sciences and brought together researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and wider public.


The conference focused on two key issues – mitigating the increasing energy prices during green transition and utilising innovative solutions in renewable sector to support and balance green transition in Estonia. The former was presented by panel discussions of the sector representatives. The key idea was that different sectors need to work together to address the energy price situation and more strategical planning is needed so that average citizens would not bear the bulk of the high energy prices as this leads to a resistance toward green transition. This idea was developed further during the second session where private and public sector presented innovative solutions that support the green transition. Presentation about the IRENES results and especially the mapping methodology of ecosystem services and renewable energy production was received really well and several institutions will collaborate with us further to test out the materials.