The Action Plan aims to impact to the following Program:

The Investment for Growth and Jobs programme i.e. the Operational Programme of the Veneto Region 2021-2027

The main policy document which was analysed in IRENES was the Operational Program 2014-2020. The new Operational Program (2021-2027) is being prepared and it will likely be launched in the summer. While the main plan of the Operational Program 2021-2027 is already approved by the Regional Council, its calls for projects are not yet defined.

Inclusion of the set of criteria in the new Calls for proposals for the creation of ES- friendly Energy Communities launched by the OP ERDF 2021 – 2027 (by June)

set of criteria

Designed and validated with the Regional Energy Unit,

Sent to the Regional Board for O.P. calls, entry point for further ES inclusion.

The criteria for the call are received by the OP board. The call is not out ye

NOW: The exchange with the Regional Energy Unit is progressing, to further include ES in the project evaluation through guidelines + discussion on possible inclusion of ES concepts in the New Regional Energy Plan