Following the approval of the Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development, approved  by the Veneto Regional Council last July 20th, the President of the Veneto Region signed an important Memorandum of Understanding that means to implement the contents of the Strategy to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The Protocol on the development of the Cansiglio – Alpago, signed with the IUAV University of   Venice, intends to create a series of guidelines to promote and enhance sustainability, the culture and specificity of this area of ​​the Veneto region. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the link between the production system and the professional training system, paying specific attention to the forestry and woodworking chain,  of crafts, the dairy sector and catering. This is a strategic project because potentially able to reverse the trend of recent years of abandonment of the mountain. 

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 Source: Regione del Veneto Press Office