Both the second phase and Corona have created a different dynamic in the partnership of Islands of Innovation. We met our partners virtual during an online partner meeting on 19 May 2020. Different, but certainly a good way to see each other again.

You can find all Islands of Innovations Action Plans here.
You can find all Islands of Innovations Good Practises here.   

  The actions from the Frisian Action Plan are on schedule. But there is more: 

  • The Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN) has literally incorporated a picture of Islands of Innovation in its Regional Innovation Support (RIS). So that means that OP-EFRO is influenced.
  • The Portuguese Azores and the Dutch island of Ameland have received Horizon2020 approval for their project IANOS. The project is about decarbonising energy systems. 
  • Dutch island Ameland and Danish island Borkum are working together within Interreg A, The Netherlands-Germany, on the H2Watt project. 
  • After a rejection from the Northern Netherlands Aliance the project Vliehouse is now divided into two projects: a technical research, which is not yet funded)- and market research, funded by OP EFRO)
  • The Horizon2020 project RUN, a network of universities in Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland and Finland will be submitted for the next call
  • The Erasmus projects: Smarthands and I-shrink have been submitted
  • For the Wadcare project we have already received some development funding from OP-EFRO and we are now looking into whether we can obtain additional funding from healthcare institutions.
  • The province of Fryslân has also been asked to participate in the Horizon 2020 project LETS.

Islands of Innovations is very happy to say that we - as an interreg Europe project - have influenced all the above mentioned beautiful projects and activities to a greater or lesser extent.

From our partner from Estonia we learned that the inhabitants of Saarema wish each other a 'stay negative' (= negative testing on the coronavirus), which we gladly join.

So we wish you a good summer, stay negative and we hope to see you again soon .