INNOVATION AND THE COVID PANDEMIC EXPERIENCE - A FOCUS ON TELEHEALTH -         including remote monitoring and virtual wards


The PRGA consists of 3 sessions where invited ITAHCA partners will share and discuss their experiences and plans. The topics relate to:


1) Service innovations for telehealth in ITHACA partner regions (including during the Covid pandemic)

2) Future plans for Telehealth in ITHACA partner regions

3) Digital innovations for social care in ITHACA partner regions

Aim of sessions

The sessions will examine new service innovations developed amongst ITHACA partners during the Covid-19 pandemic. It will mix presentations from partners involved in setting up and delivering telehealth services with inter-active, small-group discussions that will allow for participants to dig deeper into these experiences and draw out key technical, implementation and policy lessons for shaping, establishing and scaling up successful telehealth services.

Focus, content and approach

Initial presentations will:

  • Set out how Liverpool’s telehealth service was developed and the stage that it had reached by the time the Covid-19 pandemic arrived;
  • Share Liverpool’s new telehealth service innovations initiated and scaled up during the pandemic;
  • Share telehealth experiences during the Covid 19 pandemic in other ITHACA partner regions. 

There will be a plenary Q&A session during (to encourage inter-action) and following the presentations.


* The PRGA is a small-scale event that will demonstrate specific digital innovations for health care and well-being developed or scaled up during the pandemic that can be demonstrated by Liverpool (telehealth), Basque Country (automizing processes & data analytics), Malopolska (tackling social isolation and mental health) and Baden-Wüttemberg (integrated care). Each will be attended by 3 stakeholders/ experts in these fields from each of 4 interested ITHACA partner regions where there is also an alignment with the policy and relevance for new projects or governance matters.


The primary purpose of the PRGAs is for visiting experts to act as an ‘assessment and feedback team” who will observe and provide structured feedback to the hosts about what they have seen and learnt at the PRGA. By drawing on their own knowledge and experience and with the benefit of a fresh eye and, with support from an independent facilitator, they will provide PRGA host regions and their stakeholders with a unique opportunity to hear an expert critique and recommendations. This can improve actions in the host region and flag up good practices for transferring elsewhere.