Commissioned by the European Investment Bank (EIB), Avance Impact conducted and published a case study on the first round of the Brabants Outcomes Fund (BOF1). BOF1 is typically a learning-by-doing process. And this case study shows how we, as a government, together with various funders and entrepreneurs, have taken the right path to work towards broad prosperity for all people in Noord-Brabant. 

In the publication, the development and implementation of BOF1 is divided into 6 steps: research, preparation, selection process, boot camp and setting objectives, recording agreements in contract and the final implementation.  

Development BOF2

The case study describes the lessons learned in each step in detail and provides tools that are useful in the relevant phase. This is important for the further development of BOF2, but also for organisations who (want to) develop similar initiatives.  

Not only practical tips are shared, but also recommendations are made to be able to increase the impact we want to make. For example, increasing the scope of possible participants, attracting other types of investors and encouraging more collaboration from different perspectives within governments.  

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