Teleheath has taken off due to the covid pandemic. You may have experienced it yourself and had a conversation with your doctor via videoconferencing or your grandmother's health is being monitored remotely. Simply put, telehealth is "the use of electronic information, telecommunications technologies and (remote) service for the purpose of healthcare. During the first live PRGA (peer review group assesment) after the pandemic the ITHACA partners meet in Liverpool on March 15 and 16. Together we will share good practices and try to answer the question: From what experiences in telehealth have we been able to learn during the pandemic and can be used permanently to relieve the pressure on healthcare?

In addition to sharing knowledge and attending workshops, the program includes interesting speakers from the innovative healthcare sector. 

  • Dr Maurice Smith (Chief Clinical Information Officer, LCCG) outlines the situation the course in the Liverpool region during the covid pandemic.
  • Dave Horsfield (Director of Transformation, Planning and Performance, NHS LCCG) talks about the The Liverpool Digital Strategy for Health and Social Care: the journey to 2025 and impact of Covid-19 on its implementation.
  • Peter Almond (Cheshire & Merseyside Remote Monitoring Programme Manager, Mersey Care NHS Trust) gives a telehealth overview: development and services in the pre-pandemic era.
  • Dr Rosie Keur (Deputy Medical Director, Mersey Care NHS Trust) talks about service innovations in Liverpool during the Covid-19 pandemic: virtual wards, Covid oximetry, BP at home. 
  • Annabelle Smith (Contract Performance Manager, Immedicare) talks about care homes and the pandemic in the UK and Liverpool and digital innovations for care homes in Liverpool: tele-triage, telehealth