PP3 has successfully partnered with the Municipality of Medvode and contributed to one of the twenty foreseen actions of their Strategy of age-friendly municipality – implementation of e-care services. They are proud to have contributed to their vision, which says The Municipality of Medvode will implement activities and policies to support its citizens in old age. In 2030, it will be pleasant to grow old in Medvode. PP3 is pleased to have found good strategic partners in the Municipality of Medvode and the public home care institution Sotočje, as they are willing to try out new ideas and test them in practice with hopes of improving the lives of their citizens.

It started already in December 2021 when PP3 organised a meeting with the municipality of Medvode. They deliberately wanted to transfer the best practices from the first part of the project ITHACA to the local level in Slovenia. In December 2021, UL FDV presented the project ITHACA and best practices in e-Care and e-Health in Slovenia to the municipality at a Zoom meeting. The meeting was attended by Vesna Dolničar and Lea Lebar from UL FDV and, from the municipality side, Martina Kutnar, representative of the municipality, and Maja Rant, head of the newly established public home care facility Sotočje. In view of the low interest in home care services and the growing proportion of older adults, the municipality made a strategic decision to strengthen community care. For this purpose, a public home care institution was established, which also performs other tasks (e.g. applying for European projects and looking for other ways to find ideas and funds to strengthen community services for older adults) and is very happy to be involved. The municipality has been working on the development of a strategy for older people in the community. The draft strategy was presented at the December meeting. Vesna Dolničar and Lea Lebar made some suggestions on how the document could be expanded in terms of strengthening e-care and e-health services. The further work they agreed on was that the municipality prepares a conceptual framework for strengthening e-care and e-health in the strategy, and that the FDV representatives prepare a text for the municipal strategy itself based on prepared conceptual framework.

In April 2022, Municipality of Medvode adopted the Strategy of age-friendly municipality of Medvode until 2026. The strategy is the policy instrument addressed in the application form and PP3-UL contributed to the preparation of the strategy by drafting a chapter on the implementation of e-care services. The strategy was also presented during Regional Stakeholder Meeting in June by Martina Kutnar, representative of the municipality.

PP3 hopes for long-term cooperation with them.