Third semester of the iWATERMAP project was concluded by regional stakeholder meeting in our region at the end of November. Working title of this meeting was „WATER IN THE REGION“ and meeting was attended by a number of eminent guests, participants and representatives from the South Moravian Region, Mendel University in Brno, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Cluster Association and other stakeholders and partner companies. Meeting was dividend into several working panels and the current iWATERMAP project outputs were recapitulated and presented to the participants.

During the last semester CREA Hydro & Energy and the South Moravian Region acceded to WATER SMART TERRITORIES platform. Involvement of the region in the platform aims to implement specific project of international cooperation amongst other regions and brings possibility of participation in European projects focused on water related projects and activities.

Last but not least, third project semester in CREA culminated in signing the Partnership agreement of the Pilot Platform of Vocational Excellence Water (PoVE WATER) with the beginning in November 2019. CREA Hydro & Energy and Mendel University in Brno are one of the project partners from the Czech Republic. PoVE Water is a transnational project drawing on existing and emerging vocational competences needed in the water sector with the main objective to create Centres of Vocational Excellence and the related Platform of Vocational Excellence - bringing an EU dimension to Vocational Excellence in the water sector.