KEEP ON partner Huibert Crijns from the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch was invited by UNESCO (NL Commission), to join the “On the road to the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021” on October 22nd. The occasion was helpful to mention the projects recognized as good practices by the  KEEP ON project. 

Climate adaptation is a technological innovation process, requiring technology and R&D investments to support a shift. It is, however, also a human process, requiring cultural resources and a change in mindset to succeed.

Climate change does not just force us to protect our culture and heritage; these in turn can protect us, by providing an abundance of readily available solutions to today’s problems, ranging from historical knowledge systems to old waterways.

Four best practices from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, including cases from two cities, a rural-agricultural area, and the Dutch Caribbean, show how culture-based solutions to local climate adaptation were successfully implemented, and what local and traditional forms of knowledge, of building on past experiences, and of the use of culture and heritage can achieve to make climate action more culturally accepted.

This webinar is part of a series of interactive online sessions organized in the build-up to the Climate Adaptation Summit in 2021. 

It can be reviewed on the following link: