On 23 November 2020. the Regional Economic Promotion Office in the Investment and Development Department organised a regional webinar to disseminate a Practical Guide on the sustainability of heritage and sustainable development in the area of culture and consultation on the Regional Action Plan to be developed.

The document 'A Practical Guide - Cultural Heritage and Sustainability' contains examples of the longevity and sustainability of cultural heritage sites, together with guidelines resulting from individual global solutions, such as: the crowdfunding campaign of the Royal Discovery Ship in the UK, new technologies enabling innovative use of cultural heritage on the example of the Vilnius Technological Park in a historic palace, or protection of world heritage through 3D laser scanning technology. The presentation of the guide also made it possible to present unfair practices threatening the protection of cultural heritage and its value to world's unique heritage sites, such as overtourism on the example of Dubrovnik, false data in museum exhibits, or the non-authentic heritage associated with the Taj Arabia project.

During the webinar, Anna Kucharczyk, Deputy Director of the Department of Investment and Development, presented issues concerning the future of funding and support for the cultural sector under the 2021-2027 Cohesion Policy in the context of the ongoing work on the distribution of European funds interventions between national and regional levels.

According to the assumption of the KEEP ON project, the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship is obliged to develop a Regional Action Plan, a document containing recommendations in terms of directions for change and possible improvements in key programming documents in the next financial perspective, including support for the cultural sector. The document is based, among others, on the exchange of experience and conclusions from meetings with foreign partners, regional stakeholders of the project, a good practice handbook, a practical guide, as well as national regulations, EU regulations and key documents in the region: i.e. ROP WŚ and Świętokrzyskie Regional Development Strategy. Currently, four measures have been proposed to improve the regional policy for long-term and self-sustainable projects in the cultural heritage sector, which will be discussed with the foreign partners of the KEEP ON project after consultation with the regional stakeholders, and then submitted for approval by the Secretariat of the INTERREG Joint Programme of the European Commission.