Daniela Angelina Jelinčić from the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) participated at the virtual meeting „Environmental Issues of Cultural Heritage“ organized by the College of Environment+Design, University of Georgia, USA. The introductory lecture has been given by Cari Goetcheus, professor in UGA's College of Environment and Design, which focused on challenges cultural heritage faces being

exposed to natural elements such as rain, wind and fire. Yet, increased threats from hurricanes, flooding, sea level rise, wildfires and other human-induced and natural disasters has made it critical to understand the intersection of natural and cultural resources to determine short and long-term resolutions to environmental impacts. The presentation was followed by a discussion. The European perspective to the issue was also presented and the

“Practical Guide on Sustainability of Cultural Heritage in Europe” produced within the KEEP ON project was pointed at. Among other issues, the Guide specifically discusses the environmental challenges to heritage management.

More: calendar.uga.edu/event/lecture_environmental_issues_of_cultural_heritage