Regional Action Plan focused on managing cultural heritage, exploiting its potential for the development of the region and the opportunities provided by the new EU perspective within Interreg Programmes- these were the issues discussed during a meeting disseminating the results of the project "KEEP ON" project, held on Thursday, 28 October at the Geoeducation Centre in Kielce.

Implemented under the Interreg Europe 2014-2020 programme, the project "KEEP ON - Effective policies for sustainable and self-sustainable projects in the cultural heritage sector" is an international initiative, whose partners include countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy Portugal, The Netherlands and Croatia. The Świętokrzyskie voivodeship is the only Polish partner, and the group of project stakeholders from our region includes several institutions managing cultural facilities. 

On Thursday, 28 October, a meeting was held at the Geoeducation Centre to discuss the undertakings planned in the Regional Action Plan of the Świętokrzyskie Region developed as part of the project. This document details how the lessons learned from international cooperation between partner institutions and regional stakeholders will be implemented in the new regional programme 2021-2027 European Funds for Świętokrzyskie in support of cultural heritage projects.

The assumptions and activities planned in the Regional Action Plan of the KEEP ON project within the Interreg Europe programme were presented by Anna Kucharczyk, Deputy Director of the Investment and Development Department of the Marshal's Office of the Świętokrzyskie Region. Director Anna Kucharczyk stressed that the result of the KEEP ON project is, among others, the development of two important documents: Handbook of Good Practices and the Regional Action Plan.

It is worth emphasising that among the good practices developed in the project were the provision of funding for cultural institutions from various sources, support for experts and scientists, an inclusive approach to management, educational activities, and the use of modern technologies.

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