The heritage department of ‘s-Hertogenbosch has been working on 3 topics: Participatory governance, Management of historic buildings and Safeguarding cultural heritage.

Together with the stakeholders and the other departments of the Municipality good results have been achieved.

The goals for the actions Management of historic buildings and Safeguarding cultural heritage have been achieved.

The monitoring annual surplus and deficit of publicly owned monuments has been finished. The detailed monitoring of energy consumption helps us to realise more sustainable management plans for those buildings.

For the listed buildings in the inner city, we now offer expert help to the owners to encourage energy efficiency measures. Three staff members of the Heritage Department have been assigned to this task. For religious heritage we offer this expert help as well.

In order to safeguard our cultural heritage we have formalised the participation in development of regional vision of sustainable cultural landscapes. Heritage values have been included in policy documents of other departments of the municipality. We are on schedule with the task to develop additional policy for ecological footprint of cultural heritage. A general policy is no longer the ambition. Tailor-made projects are needed to learn how to be as energy efficient as possible. Challenging the construction companies to deliver high end solutions for heritage buildings is part of the approach.

The walking route app for the Inner City has been launched. The portal with a link to current flows of visitors or image of how busy the city is currently being developed. We have obtained some additional funding for these projects from the ReactEU programme (Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe).