The Marshal Office of Świętokrzyskie Region in Kielce was the Polish partner of the project. Here we share the testimony of Liliana Krężołek, from the Department of Investment and Development, about their participation in the project KEEP ON.

"Interreg Europe programme is a great tool for interregional cooperation for all regions of Europe. Networking, exchanging valuable experiences, solutions as well as identification of good practices have a tangible effect in improving regional policies and building strong regions. It is extremely important that we make use of our experience in implementing international projects when working on strategic documents such as regional programme 'European Funds for the Świętokrzyskie Region 2021-2027'. The implementation of the KEEP ON project is an excellent example of strengthening heritage issues at a regional level and demonstrates how to ensure that the needs of local community are taken into account for much-anticipated cultural heritage projects."